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Sescom SES-BMP-FR-MON-3 Blackmagic Pocket Camera to Zoom/Tascam/Roland Audio Recorder Cable with Headphone Monitoring Tap

Sescom Blackmagic Pocket Camera to Audio Field Recorder Cable. Designed for the Zoom H6 as well as compatible recorders from Tascam, Sony, Marantz, Yamaha, Roland and others. This cable can also be used with any audio source with a line-level or headphone 3.5mm output. Professional grade cable and connectors for years of dependable service.

3 Foot cable is outfitted with Neutrik Gold Plated 3.5mm mini plugs for direct connection between the Blackmagic Pocket Camera's microphone input and your field recorder line level or headphone output. Blackmagic compatible cables from Sescom feature exclusive proprietary pro-audio technology to precisely match the audio levels of both the camera and recorder.For users who Do Not require this cable with a headphone monitoring output, see Sescom model SES-BMP-FR-3.

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