About Us

The Audio Source

Welcome to the exciting world of Sescom where problem solving is our mission for cabling and audio interface equipment. A respected manufacturer since 1969, our products are in daily use in speaking, drama, live music, video and film production, network sports, news, and house of worship installations. We remain competitive because of our high-quality standards and advanced engineering.

Whether on the stage, in the wet grass at a televised golf tournament, or in a TV studio, Sescom is the name trusted by seasoned audio professionals because our products are designed by audio engineers for audio engineers.

As a division of Tower Products Incorporated, Sescom has experienced strong growth in the television production, rental, live events, stage and sound, sports, educational, and government markets due to our competitive pricing and dedication to quality production.

Tower Products has been in the broadcast equipment supply business since 1987 and has seen the industry evolve from tape-based to one of bits and bytes with little or no media beyond a smart phone or network connection. We have learned many lessons along the way which are part of a successful 30-year track record where flexibility, innovation, and commitment have served our customers well.

The year 2016 marked an important milestone in the company’s history with the transfer of ownership to employees. The Employee Stock Ownership Program creates a great opportunity for all our employees to recognize the importance of collaboration and how the job we do day in and day out impacts our customers. We are in this together.