PRO-CAM2MIC - Stereo 3.5mm to 1 XLR Bridged for Unbalanced Mic Inputs - Right Angle

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  • XLR Female Black/Gold to 3.5mm TRS Right Angle
  • Designed for Unbalanced Mic Inputs
  • Lightweight Assembly Reduces Stress on Devices
  • Rip-Tie Fastening System Secures Cable to Any Point
  • Designed for Cameras/Audio Recorders with 1/8 inch Unbalanced Input Jacks

Length Sku
18 Inch PRO-CAM2MIC-18IN
3 Foot PRO-CAM2MIC-3
6 Foot PRO-CAM2MIC-6
10 Foot PRO-CAM2MIC-10
25 Foot PRO-CAM2MIC-25