A VU meter, or Volume Unit meter, is a device used to measure and display the relative audio signal level or volume. It provides a visual representation of the audio signal's intensity or loudness.

VU meters are commonly used in audio equipment, recording studios, broadcasting, and live sound applications to help engineers and operators monitor and control audio levels.

The VU meter consists of a horizontal vertical display with a series of LED level indicators. The indicators move or light up in response to the audio signal's amplitude, providing a visual representation of the signal's strength. The display is calibrated in volume units — a logarithmic scale representing the relative loudness or perceived volume level. It provides an average representation of the signal level, which aligns better with human perception of loudness than a device like a peak meter.

Sescom’s VU meter monitors balanced stereo analog audio signals with display modes for loudness, loudness + peak, loudness + peak hold, and Sum/Diff, giving you valuable, accurate information when you need it.

SES-VUA-1RU Balanced Stereo Analog Audio Reference VU Meter Controlled Ballistic 40-LED per Channel Display
SES-VUA-1RU Balanced-Stereo, Analog Audio Reference VU Meter