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Sescom is one of the world's leading manufacturers of high performance audio transformers and professional interface products for the pro-audio industry. Our products are in daily use in speaking, drama, live music, video production, network sports and worship applications.

Whether on the stage at Radio City, in the wet grass with the Golf Channel or on the set of CNN, Sescom analog and digital problem solving solutions are the trusted name by seasoned audio professionals since 1975.

We remain competitive because of our high quality standards, advanced engineering and genuinely helpful attitude.

Sescom IL-19 Hum Fighter Extreme - The Industry Standard

IL-19 - The Industry Standard.

Hum Fighter Extreme!

Available in 1, 2 & 6 Channel Versions.
Sescom SES-BMC-FR-3 Blackmagic Studio Camera to Zoom/Tascam/Roland Field Recorder Audio Cable

Blackmagic Studio Camera to Audio Field Recorder Cable

Compatible with Zoom, Tascam, Roland, Sony Marantz & More!
Sescom SES-A-V-SYNC A/V Lip-Sync Corrector

Sescom SES-A-V-SYNC A/V Lip-Sync Corrector

Corrects Audio Delays
Between Audio and Video!

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