Summon the Wraith!

Deliver 22dBs of crystal clear, noise-free gain to your favorite ribbon or dynamic microphones with the new phantom powered mic preamp from Sescom

Wraith Active Mic Booster

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Ghostly Clear Gain

The Wraith uses discrete JFET circuitry to give a clean, clear, noise-free boost to your ribbon or dynamic microphones. These passive microphones sound great, but they often require more gain than a lot of mic preamps can give. Even when that gain is available, it often comes with an increased noise floor.

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Isolated Circuitry

The Wraith not only relies on an already-clean phantom power supply, the engineers at Sescom went to great lengths to isolate the signal circuitry from the power circuitry, so that your mic signal comes through pure and clear.

Ready out of the Box

Connect one cable from your mic to the Wraith and another cable from the Wraith to your preamp's mic input. Turn on phantom power, set your gain to taste and you'll be ready to record!


Wraith Active Mic Booster Front

Made in the USA

Hand assembled by Sescom engineers in New York's Hudson Valley. Rugged, portable, and ready for use! 1 year warranty.

MSRP: $119.95

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Wraith Active Mic Booster Front