Catskill Cables Instrument Cable with Nylon Overbraid Featuring Neutrik 1/4" Plug & Right Angle silentPLUG

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The Sescom OBGCSSIA signature instrument cables are assembled using rugged and distinctive overbraided Canare GS-6 instrument cable and feature a Neutrik professional 1/4" straight TS plug and a Neutrik professional Right-Angle 1/4" TS silentPLUG for automatic signal muting when unplugging. Available in a variety of standard lengths.


  • Neutrik professional 1/4" TS Plug
  • Neutrik professional 1/4" Right-Angle TS silentPLUG for automatic signal muting when plugging and unplugging      
  • Canare GS-6 Oxygen-Free Copper Guitar/Instrument Cable Featuring a Rugged Cable Overbraid for Added Protection and Distinctive Looks
  • Black, Purple & Blue Overbraiding to Stand Out in the Light Yet Blend Into the Stage



Canare GS6:

  • Nom O.D. with Overbraid (in/mm): 0.262" (6.654mm)
  • PVC Jacket Nom. Thick. in. (mm): .039 (1.0mm)
  • No. of Cond.: 1
  • Insul. Type* Thick mil: PE / 33.5
  • Cond-AWG (Qty./mil) Cross Sec. Area mil.: OFC-#18 (127/3.94) 1550
  • Shield Coverage: OFC>92% Braid+ Carbon Sleeve


Neutrik X-Series 1/4" Plug:

  • Gold Contacts
  • Robust Diecast Shell in Stylish Design
  • Rated Voltage: < 50 V


Neutrik Right Angle silentPLUG:

  • Hermetically sealed and magnetically operated switch
  • No wear, constant contact resistance
  • No corrosion or pollution of switch, durable and long-lasting
  • Lifetime beyond 10'000 mating cycles
  • Rated Voltage: < 50 V
  • Cable O.D.: 4 - 7 mm
  • Wire Size: 18 AWG