Sescom SES-MKP-39 Balanced 2-Channel Independent 3-Pin XLR Passive Audio Volume Control

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The Sescom SES-MKP-39 is a two-channel balanced volume control with dual female 3-pin XLR inputs and dual male 3-pin XLR outputs. Complete in a rugged black anodized aluminum box with dual volume knobs, designed for easy control of each audio channel independently. Not intended for use with phantom-powered devices.


MSRP: $66.95



  • 2-Channel Balanced XLR Volume Control
  • Neutrik XLR Connectors
  • Rugged Black Anodized Aluminum Enclosure



  • Dimensions with Connectors: (LxWxH): 2.94 x 1.76 x 1.03 in
  • Not Compatible with Phantom-Powered Devices