Sescom SES-LINE-DRYER Wet to Dry Line Adapter Barrel for Intercom Systems

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The SES-LINE-DRYER is a ruggedly constructed XLR barrel that removes DC voltage (phantom power) from the line to allow interfacing between wired intercom systems. Hand assembled in the USA by Sescom Engineers.


MSRP: $37.95



  • Line Drying Adapter Barrel
  • Removes DC Voltage (Phantom Power) From Wired Intercom Systems up to 100V
  • Balanced
  • Allows for Full Audio Bandwidth



  • Neutrik XLR Connectors
  • Rugged XLR Barrel
  • Dimensions: Length 3.96” | Width 1.02” | Height 1.32"
  • Weight: 3.1oz (89g)