DSLR-AGCY - Auto Gain Control Disable Y-Splitter Cable for Canon 7D/T2i

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  • 3.5mm TRS Male to Male and 3.5mm TRS Female
  • Disables Auto Gain Control
  • For Canon and SImilar HD DSLR Cameras
  • Allows You to Split Audio Tracks
  • Length: 9 Inch

How to Use the DSLR-AGCY Cable

  1. Connect the 'GEN' end (tone generator) of the cable to an iPOD or other mp3 player.
  2. Play the continuous tone found in the link below just as you would play a song.
  3. Connect the 'CAM' end (camera) to the Mic input of the camera.
  4. Connect the 'MIC' end into a microphone or mic level audio source.
  5. As the volume of the tone is adjusted, the camera will lower the audio gain.
  6. In post-production, delete the tone channel and duplicate the recorded program audio, which will result in mono audio on both L& R channels.

Download AGC Disable Tone File Here (42 MB .MP3)