22AWG Balanced Analog Audio Cable 3-Pin XLR Female to 3-Position Pluggable Phoenix Plug

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Sescom SES-ACON XLR to pluggable terminal block cables simplify integration and application of raw cable and/or XLR in mobile production studios, live event productions, and commercial audio installations. The 3 stripped and tinned leads allow for easy termination of raw cable in the field or installations under time constraints without requiring solder. The Phoenix 3-position terminal block accepts 24-12 AWG cable and is pluggable for quick Adapters with other Phoenix contact terminated cable.


  • Easy Adapters for Audio Installations
  • No Soldering Required
  • 3 Stripped and Tinned Leads 
  • One-foot Tails Offer More Flexibility
  • Rugged Neutrik XLR Connector to 3 Position Pluggable Terminal Block
  • 22 AWG Balanced Analog Audio CMR Cable
  • Low Attenuation & Superior Noise Rejection



  • Phoenix Contact Pluggable Terminal Block
  • Neutrik XX Series 3-Pin XLR Connector 
  • 22 AWG GEPCO Twisted Pair Analog Audio Cable
  • Easy Strip, Bonded Foil Shield Cable with PVC Jacket