SES-MKP-37 2-Channel Audio Volume Control with Neutrik XLR I/O Connectors on Canare L-2E5 12in Pigtails

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Sescom SES-MKP-37 dual channel inline balance volume control with input and output 3-pin XLR connector pigtails with volume knobs, designed for easy access.


MSRP: $92.95



  • Neutrik XLR Connectors
  • 12" Canare L-2E5 Dual Pigtails



  • Canare L-2E5 Mini Microphone Cable:
  • Gauge/Strand: 26/60 
  • Number Of Pairs: 1
  • O.D: .181
  • Shield: 96% Braided
  • Jacket PVC
  • Dimensions of Rugged Black Anodized Aluminum Box: 2.75" X 1" X 1.25" (excludes 12" pigtails)
  • Not Compatible with Phantom-Powered Devices