SES-LAPADAP-GL 3.5mm to 3-Pin XLR Laptop to Mic Level Adapter Interface with Ground Lift Switch & Level Control

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Delivering a high quality approach to connecting 3.5mm audio output jacks to professional XLR connections is made simple with the Sescom SES-LAPADAP-GL interface. When a presenter comes strolling in with a laptop or smartphone, this makes it easy to patch them into a pro-audio system without skipping a beat. It's the perfect device for hotel conference rooms, school & university lecture halls and gymnasiums, or live sound management firms.

A Ground Lift and Volume Control are two key features separate the Sescom SES-LAPADAP-GL from standard consumer grade cables. The ground lift switch eliminates hum and the annoying buzz to improve sound quality by breaking the ground loops between equipment. Add in the built-in volume control and now you're in complete control of the sound signal. This product is designed to stand up to rigorous stage and field use. It has been developed and assembled right here in the USA.


MSRP: $75.95



  • Converts 3.5mm Stereo Signal to XLR Mono Mic Level Signal

  • Perfect for Inserting a Stereo Audio Output with a Mono Mic Level Input on a Mixing Console

  • 3.5mm Stereo Male Input & Neutrik XLR Female Mono Mic Level Output

  • Ground Lift Switch and Level Control Knob

  • Rugged and Compact Metal Housing

  • Developed and Hand Assembled in the US



  • Frequency Response Deviation (20Hz-20kHz): +/-2.289 dB

  • Signal to Noise Ratio at 0dBFS, A-weighted: 63.4 dB

  • Total Harmonic Distortion at 1kHz, 0dBFS: .06%

  • Maximum Input Level: > 18dBV

  • Maximum Output Level: > 1 dBV

  • Dynamic Range: 81.4 dB

  • Gain: -17dB per channel, -23 dB combined

  • Input Impedance (ohms): 10K ohms

  • Output Impedance (ohms): <1K ohms