SES-HUMX2 Professional 2-Channel Passive Hum Eliminator

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The Sescom HUMX2 is a professional 2-channel passive hum eliminator with dual ¼" and XLR inputs and outputs designed to eliminate 60Hz AC signal caused by ground loops. A 1:1 isolating transformer breaks ground loops and makes it nearly impossible for signal lines to pick up the AC hum and noise. The HUMX2 can also act as an unbalanced to balanced signal converter or as a balanced to unbalanced signal converter.


MSRP: $54.95



  • 2-Channel Professional Hum Eliminator
  • Dual 1/4" and XLR Inputs and Outputs
  • Designed to Eliminate 60Hz AC Signal Caused by Ground Loops
  • Reduces Ground Loop Hum by Approximately 10dB
  • 1:1 Transformer Coupling to Break Potential Ground Loops
  • Converts Balanced Signal Into an Unbalanced Signal & Converts Unbalanced Line Signal Into a Balanced Signal
  • All Grounds Connected to Chassis



  • Frequency Response: 20Hz - 20kHz
  • Distortion: 0.0027% dB at 1kHz
  • Total Harmonic Distortion: 0.0029% dB at 2.5kHz
  • Crosstalk: > 103dB
  • Output Impedance: 600 ohms
  • Input Impedance: 1.2 kohm - 18 kohm
  • Ground Loop Blocking: -10dB
  • Dimensions (LxWxH): 4.5 x 3.25 x 1.62"
  • Weight: 1.01 lbs (456 grams)