Instrument-Guitar Pedal Cable with Right Angle Pancake Style Connectors

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Pancake plugs are a type of audio connector with a slim, compact profile. They are commonly used on instruments where space is limited, such as in tight guitar pedalboard setups or when connecting audio equipment in confined spaces.Unlike standard audio plugs, pancake plugs have a flat, rectangular shape that allows them to sit close to the surface of the device's input or output jack.

Pancake plugs have a low profile that helps reduce the amount of space needed for cable connections — a useful setup when multiple cables need to be connected in close proximity. They often feature a right-angle design, allowing the cable to exit the plug at a 90-degree angle. This further minimizes the amount of space required for cable routing and prevents the cable from protruding too far from the equipment.


  • Maximum Clarity & Noise Free
  • 23 AWG Mogami High Impedance W2319
  • Conductive PVC Layer under Shield Conductor Avoids Microphonic Noise
  • High Flexibility & Rugged Design for Frequent Use
  • Right Angle 1/4-inch Mono Pancake Plugs

ATTENTION! Use only for instrument (guitar) applications. Connecting an amplifier output may damage your amp.

SKU Length / Pack Size
SES-PB06 6 Inch (Single)
SES-PB12 12 Inch (Single)
SES-PB18 18 Inch (Single)
SES-PBPK-01 6 Inch (3 Pack)
SES-PBPK-02 12 Inch (3 Pack)
SES-PBPK-03 18 Inch (3 Pack)
SES-PBPK-04 6 Inch (6 Pack)
SES-PBPK-05 12 Inch (6 Pack)
SES-PBPK-06 18 Inch (6 Pack)
SES-PBPK-07 6 & 12 Inch (3 of Each)
SES-PBPK-08 6, 12 & 18 Inch (2 of Each)