4-Pole to 2-Pole Speaker Cable with speakON Connectors NSP4-NSP2

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4-Pole speakON to 2-Pole speakON Speaker Cable NSP4-NSP2


  • 2 Conductor, 12 AWG Heavy Duty and Flexible Speaker Cable
  • Robust 4-Pole Female to 2-Pole speakON Connectors Optimized for Speaker Applications
  • Reliable Twist Locking System
Length SKU
3 Foot NSP4-NSP2-003
6 Foot NSP4-NSP2-006
10 Foot NSP4-NSP2-010
15 Foot NSP4-NSP2-015
25 Foot NSP4-NSP2-025
50 Foot NSP4-NSP2-050
75 Foot NSP4-NSP2-075
100 Foot NSP4-NSP2-100
125 Foot NSP4-NSP2-125
150 Foot NSP4-NSP2-150