25MD-XC-M10 DB25 DA-88 Audio Cable Mogami 25-Pin D-Sub Male to Combo 4 XLR Female and 4 XLR Male

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Sescom 25MD-XC-M series Mogami digital 25-pin D-Sub male to 4 XLR female and 4 XLR male assemblies are crafted with Mogami super flexible 3162 cable. All channels are numbered and individually shielded twisted pairs of #24 AWG gauge conductors. Standard fan out is 18 inches for common interface requirements. Designed for superior connectivity and strain relief, these assemblies feature the Neutrik XCC series digital AES/EBU XLR's and industry standard AMP D-Sub cable hood. Available in variety of lengths.

Features the TASCAM pinout - compatible with Tascam, Digidesign, Radar, and Panasonic. NOT compatible with equipment using the YAMAHA pinout. Please confirm your requirements before ordering or contact Sescom with any questions.



  • DB25 Male to 4 XLR Female and 4 XLR Male Digital Audio In or Out
  • Crafted with Mogami 3162 Cable
  • All Channels are Individually Shielded & Twisted with #24AWG Gauge Conductor and Drain Wire
  • Industry Standard AMP 25 Pin Metal Hoods for Durability
  • Cables are Designed with Industry Standard AMP DSub Cable Hoods for the Best RF Rejection
  • Neutrik NC3FXX Female and Male Connectors Provide Low Contact Resistance and High Integrity


  • Mogami 3162 Cable: 110 ohm Impedance, 14 pF/ft Between Conductors
  • Attenuation (6MHz): 0.065dB/m
  • Connects Apogee, Mackie, Yamaha type AES 8 channel I/O to a Tascam or Digi Machine
  • Sescom 25-Pin D-Sub (Multipin) Cable Assemblies are Comparable to Assemblies Commonly Referred to in the Industry with Terms Such as DA88 Snake, DB25 Breakout, and DB25 Snake