Analog 25Pin DSub Male to 8 1/4 Inch TRS Male with Fanouts 25MA-TRS

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Analog 25Pin DSub Male to 8 1/4 Inch TRS Male 18 inch Fanouts 25MA-TRS


  • DB25 Male to Eight 1/4 Inch TRS Male Analog Audio In or Out
  • Channels are Numbered
  • 18 Inch Fanouts on 5 Foot Lengths, All Other Lengths 24 Inch Fanouts
  • Neutrik 1/4 Inch Male Connectors Provide Chuck Type Strain Relief 
  • Overall PVC Jacketed for Strength and Durability
  • Wired to Digi/Tascam D-Sub Standard
  • Durable Industry Standard AMP 25-pin Metal Hoods
  • 25-Pin D-Sub (multipin) Assemblies Comparable to DA88, DB25 Snakes, & DB25 Breakouts
  • Choose Canare MR202-8AT or Mogami W2932 Cable

Length Canare SKU Mogami SKU
5 Foot 25MA-TRS-C05 25MA-TRS-M05
10 Foot 25MA-TRS-C10 25MA-TRS-M10
15 Foot 25MA-TRS-C15 25MA-TRS-M15
25 Foot 25MA-TRS-C25 25MA-TRS-M25
50 Foot 25MA-TRS-C50 25MA-TRS-M50