16-Channel Audio Snake XLR Male to Female 16XLM-16XLF

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Sescom Multi-channel XLR Male to XLR Female audio cables are assembled in the USA with durable Canare MR202-AT series cable and rugged, color-coded Neutrik XLR 3-pole connectors. These super flexible, high-performing multi-channel audio cables are designed for general purpose studio applications.



  • Canare Super Flexible Cable
  • Overall PVC Jacketed for Strength and Durability
  • Color Coded Connectors for Easy Identification
  • Durable Neutrik XLR Connectors with Chuck Type Strain Relief for Secure Clamping
  • Rugged Zinc Diecast Shell
  • Boot with Rubber Gland Provides Protection Against Bending Stresses



  • #25AWG Canare MR202-AT Series Multichannel Audio Cable

  • Foil Shield with Drain Wire
  • Channels are Individually Shielded
  • Neutrik 3 PIN XLR Connectors