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Sescom SES-SPKR-WIRE-06 High Quality Stripped & Tinned Speaker Wire Pair 6 Ft.

Perfect 6 foot 16awg speaker wires, ready to use right out of the package! The ends are seperated, stripped & tinned and shrink tubing has been put on where the individual wires exit the cable jacket. For connecting a set of Stereo Speakers to an Amplifier. These wires are exactly what's needed to connect Sescom's amplifer offerings, (SES-SSA-40W or SES-SBA-150W) to any set of speakers - including of course, Sescom's own rackmount audio confidence speakers (SES-RM-SPEAKERS). The speaker cable we chose to build these assemblies is designed to give high definition sound quality and meet all the requirements of plenum applications. They feature Oxygen Free Copper multi-stranded conductors, and meet all NEC fire codes. Color: Gray. O.D.: 0.295"

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