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Sescom SES-MKP-27 Professional 3.5mm Stereo Volume Control Anywhere for Any Device

Every Audio Professional Needs These! No fancy explanations - it's a 3.5mm stereo volume control housed in professional and rugged housing with a simple 3.5mm I/O ports. Pocket sized package is ready go anywhere at any time for any device to control the audio level.

Fast installation can be done and even includes 3M Dual-Lock type Super Velcro for endless mounting options in the studio or the field. Heavy duty construction with a housing made from strong black anodized extruded aluminum. Good sized volume knob and quality connectors ensure easy control and solid connections. Quick access of audio level by placing these in an easy to reach location can be extremely convenient and just plain make audio life better. These can also be used with DSLRs like the Canon 5DMII shooting SD or HD video with audio inputs for fine tuning, or padding down the audio input level to the Camera.

This is a continuously variable potentiometer and can be used as a pad between a field mixer and a video camera or a soundboard line out and a line in on an audio recorder.

Tiny form factor, Big time convenience and function!


  • Body Dimensions of black box not including knob and connectors: 3" X 1.25" X 1.25"
  • Overall Dimensions Including Connectors and Knob: 3" X 3" X 1.25"
  • *(There are 2 two 3.5mm (1/8") jacks on the back)

See the Attenuation Chart & Knob Settings
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