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Sescom LN2MIC-TAS-GH1 2.5mm Line to Mic 35dB for TASCAM DR-100 with Monitoring

Sescom LN2MIC-TAS-GH1 2.5mm Line to Mic Cable with Attenuation for DSLR Camera to TASCAM DR100 Recorder.

Sescom's specialty cable solves interface problems with today's DSLR cameras when integrating an audio recorder. The DSLR cameras utilize an unbalanced stereo mic level audio input on a mini TRS 2.5mm jack. Manufacturers do this to save valuable space in the camera interface.

With the age of professional pocket recorders that can produce very high quality sound, such as the TASCAM DR100, came devices that output different line level audio signals. This cable features Sescom's exclusive circuitry on both audio channels to match the sweet spot level of your camera mic input. Its sleek low profile design avoids clunky XLR type attenuators that can produce heavy strain on the cameras mic input connector.

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