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Sescom IL-LEVEL-IT 1-Channel Inline Balanced Audio Volume Control

Every Audio Professional Needs These! No fancy explanations - just a level knob and an input In-line XLR Male to XLR Female ready to go anywhere at any time for any device to control the audio level. Fast installation can be done, a good size level knob with indicated Clock-Positions for repeatability for desired levels mounted to a durable ABS plastic injection molded housing with BOTH a male and female XLR this LEVEL-IT is ready to plug directly into ANYTHING! Quality connectors insure easy control and solid connections for confidence in functionality. Quick access of audio level by placing these directly into the patch bay, directly into equipment's outputs, between cables, or in any easy to reach location, .like under a desk or on a podium would be extremely convenient and just make audio life better.

Tiny form factor, Big-time convenience and function!

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