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Sescom IL-L2M-40DB 40dB Inline Audio Pad with Hot Audio Controller


  • Stops overloading peaks and distortion - Provides totally Flat, Full-Bandwidth across the board level cut; lowering the signal to the level you need!
  • Inline design with Built-In Male and Female XLRs right in the housing: Plugs directly into equipment's inputs OR outputs - No additional cables or adapters needed
  • Can also be inserted in-between two XLR cables, no problem!
  • Extremely High Quality /Super Low Noise 1% metal film resistors for high performance
  • Assembled and Quality Controlled 100% in the USA
  • Impedance friendly design effectively lowers too-hot audio to proper levels to remove distortion
  • Can be used backwards if necessary, although designed to be used with signal to be cut going into the female side

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