SILVER-XXJ Pure Silver Audiophile Cable with Cardas XLR Connectors

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The Sescom SILVER-XXJ series is manufactured with carefully selected, double-shielded 106% IACS pure solid silver conductor StarQuad cable. This cable is outfitted with a unique Teflon jacket and insulation as well as built-in dampening material to reduce mechanical vibrations, and features RFI/EMI protected, gold- and rhodium-plated Cardas XLR connectors for robust and confident connections each and every time. This series is available in select standard lengths, and the incredible audio quality will please even the most discerning of audiophiles!



Solid-Silver Star-Quad Cable:

  • Double Shielded Silver-Clad Pure Copper Braided Mesh
  • Teflon Jacket & Insulation
  • 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver Conductor


Cardas XLR Plugs & Jacks:

  • Rhodium Contact Surfaces
  • Pure, Non- Magnetic, Eutectic Billet 
  • Brass, Gold and Rhodium Over Silver Platings
  • Unique End Shielding Technology that Blocks RF and Clock Signals




Solid-Silver Star-Quad Cable:

  • 4 x 24 AWG (0.50 mm) 106% IACS Pure Solid-Silver Conductors
  • 2 x 21 AWG (0.70 mm) Effective Gauge in Quad Connections
  • Dielectric Strength: 250v AC
  • Nominal Impedance: 50 Ohms
  • Conductor Size: 24 AWG
  • Cable OD: 05.0 mm


Cardas XLR Plugs & Jacks:

  • Diameter: 20mm
  • Length: 50mm
  • Can Accommodate Max 10mm Diameter Cable