SES-EZ-MIX-02 Two-Channel Stereo Line Level Audio Mixer with Separate Volume Control - Two 3.5mm & One 3.5mm Output

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The Sescom SES-EZ-MIX-02 is a two-channel stereo audio mixer for combining two 3.5mm stereo sources to one 3.5mm stereo output. The female 3.5mm inputs each feature a dedicated volume level control. Passive design requires no external power supply. The unit is compact, lightweight, and hand-assembled in the US.


MSRP: $59.95



  • Input - Two Stereo 3.5mm Female Jacks
  • Output - One Stereo 3.5mm Male Jack
  • Dedicated Level Control for Each Line Level Input
  • Compact, Passive Design
  • Lightweight & Sturdy Anodized Aluminum Housing



  • Weight: 0.845 lbs
  • Dimensions with Connectors: (LxWxH): 4.72 x 1.03 x 2.01 in