SCTX-XXJ Touring Grade Microphone Cable with Neutrik Black & Silver 3-Pin XLR Connectors

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The SCTX-XXJ series features Neutrik NC3XX-B series XLR connectors designed for a sleek touring and stage setup. This Sescom deployable tactical assembly is ready for touring and the stage while being equipped with rugged RoHS compliant cabling. Assembled in the USA by Sescom engineers and available in a variety of lengths.



  • Connector With Improved Solid Metal Latch Which is Larger and Easier to Handle
  • Additional Ground Spring Contacts for Better Shell Ground Continuity
  • Improved Chuck Type Strain Relief Provides Higher Pull-Out Force
  • Boot With Polyurethane Gland Gives High Protection to Cable Bending Stresses
  • Sleek and Ergonomic Design - Valuable and Handy
  • Heavy Duty Tactical Cable
  • Ruggedized for use in harsh environments and high traffic areas
  • RoHS Compliant



Neutrik NC*FXX-BAG Connectors:

  • Capacitance Between Contacts: ≤ 4 pF
  • Contact Resistance: ≤ 3 mΩ
  • Rated Current Per Contact: 16 A
  • Rated Voltage: < 50 V

20 AWG 2 Conductor Shielded Cable:

  • AWG & Stranding: 20 AWG 26 STRANDS
  • Impedance: 68Ω
  • D.C. Resistance: 10.6Ω / Mft @ 20°C Impedance: 68Ω
  • Shield D.C. Resistance: 4.5 Ω / Mft @ 20° C
  • Capacitance: 22 pF/ft