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Sescom LN2MIC-H4-30DB Adapter Cable Female XLR to Male XLR 6-Foot

The Sescom LN2MIC-H4-30DB cable is a cost-effective means to create a line pad for audio signals. The most popular use is to pad line level audio to Microphone input. The cable can be used for several applications where a fixed pad for balanced cables fulfills the requirement. Typical of Sescom's quality this cable will not distort or change the frequency response of the signal. The cable is constructed with high quality XLR connectors and is wired male to female for easy in-line operations. It is 2 channel (stereo) balanced line in to microphone level out cable.

This cable features Sescom's exclusive circuitry on both audio channels to match the sweet spot level of your camera mic input. Its sleek low profile design avoids clunky XLR type attenuators that can produce heavy strain on the cameras mic input connector.

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