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Sescom iAdapt iPhone/iPad Low Profile TRRS Plug to TRRS Jack Adapter - 1 Ft.

The iAdapt is a short extension cable that is designed to fit iPhone, iPad and iPod devices. The cable features a small TRRS plug that will fit many cases with the smaller headphone/mic input. Designed with the best high quality small shielded audio cable available, the adapter extension passes the Left and Right audio output and mic input.

This cable is also perfect for POS counters where Intuit and Square smartphone credit card readers that utilize the headphone jack of an iPhone or iPad are used. This cable features a slim, low profile connector to fit in the phone and extends the life of your magnetic strip reader by avoiding constant patching and re-patching!

NOTE: Low profile may not be compatible with all protective cases.


  • Low profile connector fits inside iphone cases to allow extension and connection without removing your phone.

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