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Sescom Dual XLR Mic to 3.5mm Stereo Connection Cable

Specialty microphone cable designed for using two XLR microphones with single 3.5mm mini jack inputs. Light weight assembly reduces stressful hang weight on sensitive 3.5mm input devices that over time can lead to cause cracks and pops with other heavy weight cables.

To help prevent accidental stress on the mini plug and mini jack connection, these new cables include Velcro Rip-Tie fastening system that allows operator to secure mic cables to camera tripod or any handy secure point.

Switchcraft 1/8" dual mic input to 2 XLR Female with capacitor coupling. Designed for cameras or audio recorders that have 1/8" un-balanced inputs jacks: Canon GL2, Canon XL1, Sony DCR-VX2000, Panasonic PV-DV700, Sony MZ-R37.

Note: Requires both mic inputs be connected.

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